Why do the users do it – Part 2

In an environment where a long tail is not considered as a curse or an ancient animal, and anyone can be famous by using only the software in their head and the hardware in their room, the “10 minutes of fame” concept made by andy warhole evolved to 10 MG of fame.
While “fame” is what many are trying to achieve, it can be achieved only by using the power and the opportunity the net is giving any of us to join the conversation. Any conversation. Anywhere. The border-less environments that can connect people and ideas is generating the world’s biggest stage for people to perform their talent and share their ideas. This desire is connected directly to our human, built in, need to communicate and be a part of a group. A very wise and highly respectable man whom I met a few months ago saw a blogTV.com demo. After 5 minutes of my presentation he stopped me and pointed to the similarity of all community based internet services to a 1950’s phenomena of Radio amateurs from around the world. “The need to communicate” he said “Is not something new, The internet is just a new amazing way to do it”. Fame, recognition and being a part of a community are major parts of the DNA in any UGENCO product.
A very smart quote that I saw in an email signature can sum it up: “Technology changes, Humans don’t”.

Originally posted on March 2007


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