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Hello my blog followers.

Are you still there?

Feeling abandoned?

Well, You should, and I’m sorry about my poor blogging skills.

I shifted most of my social media activity to the micro blogging service twitter leaving this space for more “serious” posts and thoughts. I invite you to follow my twitter micro posts at

BTW: Does anyone knows about a tools that takes my daily twitter post and post them in my blog?


One day, your computer will be a big ass table

Funny (and sarcastic) Microsoft Surface video spoof made by

Via: Kris Hoet (Hi Kris!)

searchme looks cool!

Searchme, is a new visual search engine with clustering. I always looked at google and search engine as a browser that takes me wherever i need to go. Sometimes I even type the name of the site i want to go to in the search field and not in the address bar, it’s easier and faster. Searchme seems to take this one step ahead and become a better “browser” than google (if the search result are good).

here is a demo

via: boomtown

VC WEAR – Soo true..Soo funny

The bubble is flat – Cloning the success

The bubble is flat. In 2008, the the only advantage in developing web apps in the US is the marketing and funding advantage – being close to the web 2.0 clique in the silicon valley. In huge emerging markets like China and Russia quick and smart entrepreneurs are taking existing, trendy apps and localize them. Is this a blocker for the facebooks and bebos? It might be if they will gain momentum and will adjust their features and content to the local culture.
Here are the cloned facebooks of China and Russia:



Another brick in the wall

Bradley Horowitz and Salim Ismail are leaving Yahoo brickhouse – Yahoo’s elite products teams. This is just few days after we visited there during the Israelwebtour.

via Techcrunch to announce the first ever LIVE UGC content for cellular phones

The first ever LIVE UGC content for cellular phones is available at / It supports LIVE streaming video, multiple sources of hosts, co-host and chat feed /

Hello world! We are officially announcing our newest and coolest breakthrough achievement:

1. Starting today we are providing LIVE interactive video feeds for mobile handsets ( ). For the first time mobile handset owners will be able to watch User Generated content, happening LIVE! The live content that is being produced and broadcasted on is available for free, without any installation of software, for all major mobile carriers, worldwide.

Here is my short demo of blogTV on mobile phones:


“ON-AIR EVERYWHERE”, is the vision that inspired us into taking mobile initiative. LIVE content that is happening now should be available everywhere and with minimal technical barriers. Our mission is to find new, innovative and convenient ways in which to access creative outlets, thereby making it simple to both watch and broadcast life, LIVE, in all its glory.

We see this as a great way for content creators to distribute their content and for the Entertainment, music industry and other brands to reach their audience wherever they are, Live!

Type on your mobile browser to watch live streams. Here is a list of mobile phones that support our service,

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