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Olympic committe says yes to bloggers!?! No!

The IOC Blogging Guidelines just fell into my mailbox. It was clear to me the the Olympic committee must adjust it’s rules to the emerging world of social media, blogging, photo sharing and video sharing and to use it as an advantage. In the first part of the doc, the Olympic committee opened it’s door to the world of bloggers by stating:

“The IOC does not consider that blogs by Accredited Persons, in accordance with these Guidelines, will compromise Paragraph 3 of Bye-law to Rule 49 of the Olympic Charter which states that “Only those persons accredited as media may act as journalists, reporters or in any other media capacity”

Here it is:


The second part of the doc proved that they just don’t get it. The door was locked and locked again..and again by stating:

“No Sound or Moving Images of the Games | No Still Pictures”


There is no doubt that they just cannot stop it. Millions of Chinese with camera phones will make this year Olympic games the biggest UGC covered sport event ever. Thinking that these user generated videos, pictures and sounds will hurt the traditional media is childish. The right way was to use those uber connected Olympic visitors in an exciting and engaging ways to become citizen reporters.

Any thoughts?

Here is the original Doc:



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