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Efficiency and privacy – Zuckerberg and Lacy @ SXSW

I just finished watching the Zuckerberg keynote at SXSW 2008, captured by Nick ONiell. I was so curious to watch it and to see why this keynote was described as infamous but, to tell you the truth I think Sarah Lacy did a great job and provided a good show. Watching it remotely, on my computer, and not as a part of the crowed that whisper comments while it is happens might be the reason. This is the biggest difference between SOCIAL/LIVE and VOD. I was also surprised that not many attendees uploaded a full video of the keynote that day.

A powerful way to make people interact and connect in and outside facebook is a great goal, mission and vision but my personal view as a facebook user is that there must be something else.

Facebook communication tools and news feeds are soo great but, since most of them supply basic, clean and efficient features, they do not replace my email usage or other core communication tools like my IM. The applications are also great but most of them are noisy and..well not really efficiene or entertaining. This made me ignore the invitations to install them. I think and hope that facebooks move with the musician profiles and music player will take the to the place that users will have more reasons to use their platform: to be entertained for example. I also hope that the “facebook desktop” utopia will create full, rich communication tools that will not only be efficient but also will replace or work seamlessly with the current standard communication tools.

Anyway. Good (long) keynote.


The bubble is flat – Cloning the success

The bubble is flat. In 2008, the the only advantage in developing web apps in the US is the marketing and funding advantage – being close to the web 2.0 clique in the silicon valley. In huge emerging markets like China and Russia quick and smart entrepreneurs are taking existing, trendy apps and localize them. Is this a blocker for the facebooks and bebos? It might be if they will gain momentum and will adjust their features and content to the local culture.
Here are the cloned facebooks of China and Russia:



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