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I just finished reading an article about Kindle and e-books in my weekend news paper. The article quoted Iris Barel, the CEO of the biggest Israeli book store chain “steimatzky


“Ebooks (or Kindles) are for lawyers that need to carry heavy books or children that will not need to carry any heavy books any more but no device will ever change a book store….also because of the smell, the experience of turning pages and the possibility to read some of it in the store”



I bet that if you look really hard you can find a similar quote by the owners of Tower Record (who?) stores that didn’t had the mindset to understand that children and young people just skipped the Record/ CD era directly to the digital era. They didn’t know what is the smell of an album and the fill of the attached lyrics booklet. Alternately they know what is discovering new music on the web and buying (ahhm) it online.


If indeed, the education system will adopt ebooks and digital technology as a standard; this is what the children of the future will know. Book stores will be history and books will live in the digital world.  With all the politics and the economic interests around this issue, I find it hard to believe that this will happen soon.


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